Bouncy Race 3D

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Join the race between oddly colored bouncing babies in Bouncy Race 3D. Choose a name for yourself, choose your nationality and race against 15 participants.

You are all by yourself in this race, and trampolines and boosts are your only friends. Use your mouse to move to the right or left of the track. Avoid sliding walls and short obstacles that are hard to notice because they are designed to slow you down. Use trampolines to jump and calculate carefully to land on in front of your competitors. Remember that landing anywhere out of the track, except for the bigger trampolines that look like islands, means you are disqualified. You can hit other players from sides to send them out flying, but what kind of an athlete would that make you? Just kidding, it would be weird if mutant babies with neon colors were to mind such a thing. Be the first to grab the speed boosters on your way and leave them all behind! Also, have fun watching all the emoji reactions you and the others give whenever things get interesting. You will love the tropical map in the sea and the tracks that change every few races. Good luck!

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Tarek Mongy developed Bouncy Race 3D

Release Date

November 22, 2021


Colorful 3D graphics

Beautiful background

Funny character design

Addictive gameplay

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse or arrow keys to move left and right.