Color Snake 3D

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Slither through color blocks with Color Snake 3D! Try the cutest skins, adapt to the changing colors, and shed skin with every portal! Play as a cute snake crawling along an obstacle track, avoid the blocks of different colors, and enjoy this modern touch to the all-time classic game!

This race is a little different than the classic obstacle runs. Here, you put yourself in the shoes of a cute slithering creature with no legs, and change colors with them! Make friends with it, pass levels together, and save gold. What is a snake going to do with gold? Buy new skins to change into, of course! While shapeshifting is what you do, why not keep it fancy? Collect and save money to unlock new animal faces at the shop, and get your character even cuter! Crawl between the different-colored blocks, avoid crashing into obstacles, and keep up with the color changes your snake goes through. Keep your reflexes sharp to survive the most challenging races and get used to your new movements. Stop by the lucky wheel and give it a chance to earn random prizes and even surprise skins! Accept the special offers to try new custom looks for your friend and find which one you like the best!

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YAD.Com developed Color Snake 3D.

Release Date

September 15, 2022


Modern 3D graphics

Eye-catching vibrant theme

Cute character with various skin options

Surprise gifts

Available on mobile devices


Use your mouse to hold the snake and move it.