Connect the Bubbles

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Link shiny bubbles to each other to rise to the top of the scoreboard with Connect the Bubbles! Connect the bubbles with the same color, create the longest links, and make combos with the limited moves you have! Use surprise booster attacks to trigger explosions and make more points with fewer moves!

Leave everything about this monotonous life behind and jump into a bubbly world! Forget about the daily rush and take it all out on these colorful balls ready to pop! Take all the time in the world, create unique links, and fill the score bar up to the top! Start from the sides and create shapes that surround the whole arena. Find three or more identical bubbles with no obstacles between them and match them from side to side. The more the bubbles, the higher the score! You start each game with a total of thirty moves, and when you run out of them, you can watch a short ad to add twenty more or end the game there. You can also use one of the three special score boosters on the top to add some extra points to your score. Don’t forget to check out your spot on the scoreboard after games!

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Enea Entertainment developed Connect the Bubbles.

Release Date

May 31, 2022


Vivid colors

Easy controls

Addictive and fun gameplay

Second chances and boosters

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to hold and link bubbles.