Dirt Bike Motocross

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Master your skills on two wheels with Dirt Bike Motocross! Choose an avatar and a name for yourself, and carry it to the top of the scoreboard! Build race lobbies with up to five opponents, and choose the challenge for yourself! Win races, make money, and get all the bikes on the menu!

Come and get your chance to unlock and ride your dream dirt bikes in challenging races! These are not just races of speed; here, you must work on your balancing skills to keep your distance from your opponents. Luckily for you, you choose the number of players for each race. You can choose the 2-player race if you like to keep it personal or go up to 6 if you think the more, the merrier. Ten bike options are waiting to be discovered, but you must win races and make money to unlock them. Start your first race and grasp the mechanics of the game. You must stay at your top speed at all times while keeping your bike straight between bumps. Complete the races at the top to receive a prize and save your money for faster bikes. Combine your skills with increased speed to win all races you join!

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Hihoy developed Dirt Bike Motocross.

Release Date

July 14, 2022


Nice graphics

10 bike options

Improving balance skills

Game mode options

15 challenging levels


You can use the arrow keys to play this game.