EG Endless Car

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With EG Endless Car, get ready for an exciting chase that never ends! Even if your car doesn't look too flashy at first, outstanding drifts and moves await you in this fun cars game. There is no such thing as the perfect day to escape from the police. So, you have to trust your smart tricks rather than your mood. Get in your car, and start the endless chase now!

We don't know what you did wrong but, you are being followed by a lot of police cars. Your objective in this fun cars game is to run away from the cars chasing you and collect as much cash as you can along with other necessary items for your car. You are all free about how you want to play this game. There is no destination you should reach or no goal to achieve. But tricking the police cars and watching them hit each other worth all the trouble! Use the left and right arrow keys to move your car. It automatically goes forward when the game starts. Collect cash and power-ups to boost your car damage stat. With the collected cash, you can buy new cars according to their stat powers. Don't forget to check your total and high score at the end of the game. Good luck and enjoy playing!

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Developer developed this game.


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • In-game shop to unlock more car options
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay


Use the left and right arrows to move the car.