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Travel through electric lines in a minimalistic arcade world with Line Bright! Pass through keys to turn on the electrical current and clean your way to the goal! Plan your route to complete sixteen elegant puzzles, stay away from enemy lines, and light up the world like never before!

Welcome to the neon world of sizzling lights and keys! Your only way out of here is the orange gems you can see at the end of each level. It's simple; you just move through the cables and touch the goal to move on to the next level. Of course, there are some relatively small obstacles on the way, but it is in the light's nature. Each level has its own dynamics and rules, and you must solve them first before trying to pass the level. Just remember that the red lights are not your friends, but they can be manipulated to move in certain directions. Open and close gates for them to turn keys on and off for you, memorize their routes, and avoid them to survive! Face a brand new type of puzzle at every stage, strategize against them, and master the art of practical thinking!

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Zapjee developed Line Bright.

Release Date

May 5, 2022


Neon arcade theme

Minimalistic design

Easy controls

Fun for all ages

Available on mobile devices


You can use "W, A, S, D" to play.