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Test your trivia knowledge, earn big, and invest big with Millionaire Trivia Quiz! Start with 100$ and go up to 1.000.000 by answering questions and doubling your prize with every right answer! Stop by the game shop between games to find investments fit for your wealth, and do not lose any seconds!

You can start by choosing your favorite host among famous artists and start the race after that! The quiz will start testing your common knowledge and get more difficult with every new question. You can see your total prize on the left; you can always take it and leave the competition. Avoiding giving answers you are not sure of and accepting the money is the best tactic if you don't have any hints left. That's right; you can get up to three hints in every race! You can ask the audience, call an expert, or eliminate two wrong options. Keep in mind that the audience and the expert can be misleading at times, so choose at your own risk! Open the shop at the top left in the main menu to see the investment options. The more expensive the venue, the higher the income. Expand the boundaries of your trivia knowledge and take the right steps to pave the road to becoming a millionaire!

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AppyApp developed Millionaire Trivia Quiz.

Release Date

May 12, 2022


Fun for all ages

Three hints every game

Fun characters

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.