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Build your character however you like, explore dungeons and forests, and follow a fantastic story with Minimal Dungeon RPG! Slowly gain experience, improve your stats and skills, and dominate the evil monsters you face on your journey! Discover and collect treasures and tend your own garden in your extra time after raids!

Get ready for pure story and exploration! You can create your ideal persona, level up or pay to improve your skills, and become the hero this fantasy land needs! Move from area to area, use energy to discover forests and mines, attack bosses, gain huge treasures, and collect golden keys to unravel shadowy adventures! Stop by the shop to buy key items. You can get some help from springs to freshen up between fights to refill your health bar. Defeat all the enemies on a map to unlock new maps. Collect coins from jars and treasure chests to earn and level up faster. If you get stuck in a boss fight, you can go back to explore other areas on your current map to get extra experience points, try to level up, and get back to the fight stronger. Start with bees and lizards, and fight your way up to face powerful demons!

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CapPlay developed Minimal Dungeon RPG.

Release Date

April 21, 2022


Endless maps

Easy to play

Improving character

Fantastic story

Unlockable content


You can use your mouse to play this game.