Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

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Follow Mr. Bean from game to game with Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures! Travel around the city in his car with our most beloved Mr. Bean, join Solitaire games, earn money from completed levels, and unlock new adventures! Can you help him pass these levels and discover the best sights of New York?

Mr. Bean opens his eyes to a New York morning after a mysterious series of events. He needs a friendly hand to help him find his way in this strange city's streets. The only way to help him is to join solitaire games with him and finish them to move on between locations. He has some cash for the beginning, but you must make more by winning these games. They are not free to join, but luckily, you have the power of the Piggy Bank and Star Case by your side. Follow the free tutorial of Mr. Bean to learn the basics of this fun card game and advance between levels! Pay to join games and leave them with extra earnings! Make super combos to get special Bean Wild Cards that can be used before any card, and buy helping features to pass levels. Rise to the 50th level to unlock a special feature! Good luck!

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JellyMoon developed Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures.

Release Date

June 7, 2022


Fun story with Mr. Bean

Educational tutorial

Unlockable boosts

Extra surprise rewards

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.