Neon Tile Rush

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Jump between walls and speed toward the safe zone with Neon Tile Rush! Solve the maze puzzles while running to avoid the acidic green goo and collect all three stars every level! Build genius strategies to pick up every gold coin on your way and get out of these neon mazes unscathed!

Follow the walls to figure the exit out, survive in the neon maze you are trapped in and spread your light wherever you go as the biggest source of light in your realm! Keep moving up as the green acid that evaporated everything it touches rises, and avoid the traps built on your way! You can move in the four main directions. The only rule is that you must stay next to a wall. Jump between walls and follow them on your way to the finish line. Stay away from spikes and deadly traps. Strategize your way out of the room while creating a path that allows you to collect every coin on the platform. Do not forget to collect all three stars placed on every level and complete stages with the highest score. Use your coins and unlock new characters to keep running up in your own style!

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BestGameSpot developed Neon Tile Rush.

Release Date

June 13, 2022


Arcade neon theme

Colorful graphics

Unlockable characters

Improving skills

Available on mobile devices


Use the arrow keys to move.