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Wake up to the apocalypse and clean the world from zombies with Noob vs Pro Challenge! Pick up weapons, solve puzzles, and raise yourself from Noob to God! Face terrifying bosses and make your way out of the mazes and caves to save the world from scary pixel monsters!

We begin with a story of how it all started for Noob. After a school day, he gets in the bed and wakes up to something truly horrifying: a zombie apocalypse! Then you take control, pick up objects and weapons to attack these monsters, open doors, and break boxes to pass areas. You have creative options when it comes to killing them. You can use one of your four unlocked weapons or use skills on them. Later in the game, you will be able to summon ninjas to fight for you! Pass stages, cross roads, and get over obstacles that force you to face challenging enemies to reach the school. Try the sword, arrows, shotgun, and the sniper rifle to find your style! Throw TNTs at your enemies to blow their minds away! Collect clues and decode passwords to get access to the top levels and put an end to this brain-eating madness!

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mango_x2 developed Noob vs Pro Challenge.

Release Date

April 26, 2022


Pixel theme

Unlockable features

Improving character

Addictive puzzles

Can be played on mobile devices


You can use the arrow keys and numbers to play this game.