Railway Runner 3D

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Railway Runner 3D is an exciting running game! You should run as long as you can without getting caught by the cop or hitting the walls! This teenager is in trouble, you should help him to escape! But there some obstacles on the way, don't let him crush! If you are ready to help him run, start the game now!

The teenager probably did something that the policeman isn't happy with. So, he is chasing after the boy on the railway. This teen needs to elude the cop by running fast. But there are trains coming towards him and some obstacles like signs and drones that he needs to jump over. He also needs to collect diamonds on the rail to buy a new skateboard. You can control the character with the arrow keys, also use the spacebar to use the skateboard and be faster. The boy sometimes needs to jump over and sometimes change the lines to pass by the trains. There are various boosters on the rail to back you up, too! Try to collect them for running faster! Stretch your legs and start the game if you are ready for an adventure!

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Super Apps developed Railway Runner 3D.

Release Date

December 23, 2019


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • No levels to pass
  • Multiple boosters and items to collect


You can use your left and right arrow keys to change the line, up arrow to jump and down arrow to slide. Press the spacebar to use the skateboard.