Rally Champ

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Experience every climate both against other racers and mother nature with Rally Champ! Complete championships that consist of four races held in four seasons, advance through easy to expert level and upgrade your car. Finish all championships on the top to prove what you are made of!

No matter the difficulty or the level you are on, you start every race at the last spot. The only way up is slowly building your way towards in front of the others. There is only a problem though; the tracks are not long enough for that, so you can use the speed boosts instead. Avoid touching the edges and other racers, and leave the rest to the engines! Drive through the desert, snow, and rainforests and defeat your opponents under every circumstance. Get used to the mechanics and master the controls of your pro racing car while enjoying the amazing 3D surroundings. Earn money from your victories and collect gold coins to upgrade your car's top speed, grip, acceleration, and speed boost between levels. Get better with every try to keep up with your enemies and keep the first spot to yourself!

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Mobile games hub developed Rally Champ.

Release Date

April 13, 2022


Incredible 3D graphics

Upgradable car features

Changing tracks and backgrounds

Increasing difficulty


You can use the left and right arrow keys to steer your car.