Rolling Halloween

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Roll down the street in Rolling Halloween and feel the spook! The spookiness level is at the top, and we recommend that you lose yourself in this game to feel it even more. With its scary sounds and spooky graphics, get ready to feel a cold breeze in your room while you’re playing this game!

This game introduces a ghastly way of gameplay in which you are guaranteed to lose yourself. You are expected to control a Halloween pumpkin rolling down the street. Down the road, there will be some obstacles before you. Be careful not to hit the scary trees and the tombstones. If you fail to change your lane by using the arrow keys and hitting them, you will lose one of your three hearts. When you have no lives left, you must restart the level. In this endless road, your aim will be to collect as many skulls as possible. You can buy powerups or skins with those skulls later. The screen is quite dark, and the game music is as eerie as possible. So, maybe turn your lights off and get the best of this chilling game!

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Developer developed Rolling Halloween.

Release Date

October 20, 2021


• 3D colorful and scary graphics

• Eerie game music

• Fun gameplay

• Intuitive controls

• Spooky Haloween!


You can use the arrow keys to control the pumpkin.