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Run of Life 3D is here to prove every piece of advice you heard as a child right! Welcome to an adventure that starts with crawling and ends with a fabulous macarena dance next to the ocean. It is guaranteed that every level will start the same, but the dance part is up to you. Go to bed early, avoid junk food, eat healthily, and do sports; and maybe one day you can see the garden of Eden too!

Move your character right and left to make critical choices that add to or reduce your age. Younger is always better in this world as every age means you are one step closer to death. Pick up items like med-kits and yoga mats to heal up, always check the doors before going through them to make sure they will not kill you, and collect diamonds for later. If you can make it to the stairs, that is when inevitable aging starts. If you survive that too and reach the gates, congratulations, you have earned a right to get into a garden full of diamonds! Collect up all you can and trade them for boosts. You can increase the maximum age and speed of stairs with those diamonds. You will be rewarded with chests and chances on the wheel of fortune from time to time, so don’t let failures bring you down!

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YAD.Com developed Run of Life.

Release Date

January 24, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Addictive gameplay

Easy controls

Available on mobile devices


Use your mouse to control your character.