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In Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story, join the brave snail in his dreams. Sleeping after reading a good book, Bob found himself in a fantasy realm filled with all manners of creatures in his dream. Can you help him overcome enemies, obstacles and various challenges to defeat the dragon as the fearless warrior? Wear your helmet, and get ready to travel through multiple levels!

Fantasy novels feature all kinds of interesting creatures, such as dragons, ogres, and other mythical beasts. Bob might not be a trained knight, but with your help, he can stay safe in this foreign realm. Just like the other titles in this popular series, your objective int his game is to complete each level by solving puzzles and clearing the path for your adventurous snail character. Start the game by clicking on the play button on the main menu. Clicking on Bob makes him move or stop. You can adjust his speed or change his direction. Try to time your moves carefully as you wouldn't want Bob to get trapped or even worse, die. Good luck!

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Hunter Hamster Studios developed Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story.

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  • 30 different levels to complete
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • A total of 90 stars to collect
  • Entertaining gameplay and story


Use your mouse to interact with the objects in the world. Press 1 to change the direction of the Snail Bob, press 2 to speed up and press space bar to make him stop.