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In Fishercat Online, our fluffy character is getting hungry. With an innate love for fish, he's thinking about eating some. Why bother with the goldfish in the bowl while there's a lot of fish in the sea? Grab your harpoon and dive into the deep waters to catch these swimming treats!

No cat would say no to a nice fish dinner, but few would volunteer to get wet to catch some! Your sharp claws and teeth might not work under the water, but this cat has more tricks under his sleeve other than forming hairballs! The objective of this game is to catch as many fish as you can during your every dive before you run out of air. You can play the game with your mouse, so click on the play button to start. Your whiskers might get soaked, but focus on target! Click and hold your left mouse button on the screen to aim and release the button to launch your harpoon. You'll reel in the fish you caught, but you're not the only predator here! Some other fishes will try to eat your catch, but you can add them to the menu too! You can collect 3 different power-ups to make your job easier. With your every catch, you earn coins. You can spend these to buy new harpoons, or upgrade the ones you've already got. Good luck!

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kiz10 developed the Fishercat Online.

Release Date

May 2, 2019


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 6 different weapons to use
  • Lots of different fishes to catch
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • 3 different tools to use


You can use your mouse to play the game.