Squid Challenge Honeycomb

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You won’t be able to get your hands off these sugars in Squid Challenge Honeycomb! Here you will have the chance to focus on the most addictive game of the whole series of games in the squid challenge. Carve the shape out of the honeycomb sugar and you’re safe! Can you achieve this?

In this challenge, you are solely focusing on the honeycomb challenge. Your aim is to see as many levels as you can in the addictive game. This challenge consists of carving the shapes circle, triangle, star, and umbrella out of the honeycomb sugar. Since the sugar is way too fragile, you need to balance your power over the sugar. You’ll be using a small stick to carve the shapes. This stick will be controlled by your movements of the cursor. So, act very calmly and try not to get the stick inside the shape’s borders! There are five characters you can play with. The guard is watching you and you need to go on with one of the other four characters if you get eliminated with one. Don’t forget that there are 4 levels of difficulty in this game. Now, get ready to see if you can see more advanced levels with surprise obstacles!

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TapTapking.com developed Squid Challenge Honeycomb.

Release Date

November 12, 2021


2D colorful graphics

Challenging gameplay

Intuitive skills

Addictive levels

Five different characters that you love


You can use your mouse to draw lines and scratch the candy.