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Enjoy the relaxing green background, adorable small images, and relaxing puzzle experience with Tile Matching! Start from easier levels and master your attention skills while racing against the countdown above! Get addicted to the increase of challenge with every level and pause the daily stress by improving your puzzle-solving abilities!

The game grants you a space of seven tile slots to make it easier to win. You have to match the tiles you took there to get rid of them. Running out of space or time ends the game for you, but don’t worry; you can restart from the last level you were on. Check the time tab on the top occasionally to keep track of time. Picking up tiles makes the tiles near them available. Match all tiles in groups of three and complete the whole pile. Get better and faster with time to match bigger piles in less time. Almost sixty levels are waiting for you! You can always shuffle the tiles and replace them randomly or get some extra time by watching a short ad. Can you resist checking out the adorable animals and delicious food and focus on your mission? Let’s find out!

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RedFoc developed Tile Matching.

Release Date

May 4, 2022


Relaxing background

Nice and simple images

Improving difficulty

Addictive levels

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.