Trackmania Blitz

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You can now experience the unique and challenging tracks of the Trackmania series online with Trackmania Blitz! Join the ride and take your place among fourteen other players from all around the world. Start from bronze and rise through leagues to the top of the world record list!

You can choose any league for a quick race, but bronze would be the right choice if this is your first time playing, as the only races without entrance fees are in the bronze league. Choose one of the three race tracks and hit the play button. You cannot accelerate or slow down your car, but you are in control of the steering wheel. Lead your car left or right to keep your vehicle in balance, but be careful not to move too much as your car loses speed with every turn. Avoid red-black tiles and move through the yellow ones to get speed boosts. All races consist of three laps, and the last five competitors get eliminated every lap. Race your way to the top and earn the prize money. Collect gold to enter higher league races. Log in every day to earn more gold and unlock exclusive skins for your car. Check the worldwide and local leaderboards to see where you stand and set a goal for yourself!

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Ubisoft developed Trackmania Blitz.

Release Date

March 1, 2022


Original and creative Trackmania tracks

Special skins to unlock

Daily rewards

Worldwide leaderboards

Easy to play


You can use your mouse or arrow keys to steer right and left.