Traffic Jam 3D

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Step into your shiny garage and pick the best cars to jump into endless adventures with Traffic Jam 3D! Here you decide everything about your car, how your drive it, where you drive it, and the weather! Enjoy being in the control of everything and try all possibilities in this realistic driving simulation!

Welcome to your new luxurious garage; this is where you choose and buy cars, upgrade them, and check their statistics. You can come back here between sessions freely and check prices, set goals for yourself, or improve your vehicle's stats. In the beginning, you can check your options and move on to the game modes. There are four exciting game modes ahead of you. You can choose to level up in the Career Mode and complete eighty levels of challenge, go on an infinite and relaxing ride with the Infinite Mode, work on your driving skills under pressure with Time Against mode, and choose the Free Mode to enjoy the view with no restrictions! Make money off your scores and levels, and unlock new cars, maps, and views! Unlock new features for your car, try the fastest and most balanced vehicles, and enjoy the freedom of endless choices!

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Great Games developed Traffic Jam 3D.

Release Date

June 8, 2022


Stunning 3D graphics

Various map and background options

4 game modes

Unlockable content


You can use the arrow keys to play.