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Discover beautiful sights from nature with relaxing and extremely satisfying word puzzles with Wordscapes! Get challenged by daily puzzles and continue your journey with different views from wild rainforests to warm sunsets. Enjoy stunning photography and train your brain to see the unusual to pass levels and explore new images!

Every level gives you a bunch of letters and spaces to place these letters in such order to create meaningful words. You start the first levels with three letters and create short and easier words with them while the number rises with passing levels and increasing difficulty. Completing levels without failure earns you coins you can use to reveal a letter on the table when you get stuck. You can also mix the letters randomly by clicking the button on the left to give them a new order and try to see new combinations. Every group of four levels has its exclusive image of a natural scene. There are more than 16 chapters with a total of 64 images waiting for you. Complete all challenging more than 250 levels to unlock all photos and discover secret landscapes. Take a break when you get stuck and come back to continue whenever and however you want!

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2Play developed Wordscapes.

Release Date

April 25, 2022


Relaxing scenery

Hundreds of levels

16 chapters

Fun for all ages

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.