Zombie Last Castle

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It's another day of apocalypse in Zombie Last Castle. You wake up, brush your teeth, eat your cereal, kiss your mom, and join your comrades in the daily battle against zombies. It's great they don't eat from your last food stocks, but who's going to protect all these brains? You are. You can also bring a friend to this chaos if you want!

It's your last chance to tell your family you love them or open up to your crush; because the end is coming, and it will take all your loved ones with it. Unless you take the necessary precautions. If you think building up a base and finding enough guns with ammo was hard, you should see the waves of monsters coming every day. It's already hard enough with a partner, but you can try to kill them all by yourself. You are lucky to have missiles and traps, but they come back stronger and more crowded with every wave. Stay at the entrance to attack the walkers, and go upstairs to counter the air attacks. Unlock and upgrade the missiles and fire traps for a little help. Catch the ammo and medicine packs to survive longer.

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RHM Interactive developed Zombie Last Castle.

Release Date

December 8, 2021


Colorful 2D graphics

Exciting gameplay

Unique zombie character design

Difficulty options

Can be played by 2 players


Player 1: use "A, S, D, W" to move, "Q" to switch weapons, "F" to move up/down.

Player 2: use arrow keys to move, "P" to switch weapons, "L" to move up/down.