Arena: Noob vs Pro

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Load up your rifles and team up to bring enemy armies and bosses down with Arena: Noob vs Pro! Gather your team, recruit your friends to your side, and get up on the battlefield! Get money from each battle, upgrade your stats, buy new weapons, and unlock new skins for your team and enemy army!

Noob got himself in trouble again, but this time, it has nothing to do with his silliness and misfortune. He is battling against the other versions of himself, which means you will be facing other players. This is a war of rank, but as the enemies get tougher, you will also get more difficult to kill. Join your first match and start shooting your enemies! Avoid bullets to keep your health bar full, and do not be afraid to take cover when you need it. Stay out of combat to regenerate health and return with full stats. You get to the character stats window after the match. Upgrade whatever stats you want to improve to get your character stronger. You can always get to this window from the “Specifications” menu. You can also unlock new weapons from the weapons shop and upgrade your damage. Don’t forget to check out the skins and treasure chests!

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Noob vs Pro team developed Arena: Noob vs Pro.

Release Date

July 13, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Character upgrades

Unlockable weapons

Treasure chests

Multiplayer deathmatches

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.