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In Bunny Balloony, put the speed of your fingers into a test! To add some excitement and fun to an ordinary weekend, these rabbits decided to create a competition between them. For this simple game they prepared, only a cactus and two balloons could work to have fun. Grab one of your friends and help these bunnies to enjoy their day. You can also compete against the CPU. It is time to save your breath for the game!

You may need some time to do breathing exercises because you can be short of breath after a while! In this fun skill game, your objective is quite a simple one! You need to blow up the balloon quicker than your opponent and make it touch the cactus. First, choose either you are going to play against a friend or the CPU from the main menu. Then choose the round number you want that the game will take. If you are playing as two players, one of you should press the "enter" key, and the other will press the "space" bar. If you are single-player, you can either press the "enter key" or click on the bunny with your mouse. If you are ready, may the one with deeper breathes wins!

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RHM Interactive developed Bunny Balloony.

Release Date

November 29, 2019


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Solo and two-player game options
  • 3 round options
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay


Tap or click on the screen. You can also use the "ENTER" key to blow your balloon. 2nd player can press the "SPACE" bar.