Color Magnets

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In Color Magnets, you and your best friend are in for a challenge! These two are just inseparable! They always follow each other and got each others back. You can be sure that these two are besties for life! Dont we all want a friendship like that? This time though, they need help to get through these levels! Do you think you can be of help?

Have you always wanted to go on an adventure with your friend but never have? Now is the perfect time then. In this game your objective is to reach the end of the level. But its not as easy as it sounds! You have to control two characters. One of them is upside down and the other one is on the top side. Thats why its easier to play with a friend. You have to jump over obstacles and stay together to win. If one you goes down, the other one goes down as well. So, make sure that both characters make it to the end of the level. Use up and down arrow keys to jump. Up arrow key works for the blue one, and down arrow key works for the red one. Try to collect all of the stars in each level. To win this game, you need to concentrate and act quickly. 18 levels of fun and adventure await you! Have fun!

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QKY Games developed Color Magnets.

Release Date

June, 2018.


  • 2 characters to control
  • Fun gameplay
  • 18 levels to complete
  • Colorful graphics


Use up and down arrow keys to jump.