Color Stars

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In Color Stars, be ready to discover the mysteries of the universe while testing your clicking speed! What you need are your fast fingers to use the left click and a strong memory to remember the color sequence. It may sound easy, but you should also be careful about the tricks and traps on the orbit! Now let's see how many stars you can unlock!

You have the huge planetarium to go to with many stars and planets in this fun skill game. Your objective is to change your color with the same color as the tiny balls are to collect them while moving around the orbit. The colors have a sequence. For example, the first color is yellow, the second one is blue and the third is red. You have to act quickly to change your color according to the first tiny ball in front of you. If you fail to change the color on time, you will be crashed and restart from the beginning. You should collect 10 balls and complete the orbit. Then, a new star or planet will be unlocked starting with our natural satellite, the moon. Have fun discovering the universe and don't forget to read all the interesting information about the orbs!

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Cruzlutor developed this game.


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 11 different planets and stars to unlock
  • Simple control
  • Interesting information about the given orbs


You can use your mouse to play this game.