ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

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Choose from more than three unique game scenarios and five difficulties, come up with endless strategy combinations, and save the world with ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet. Fight against climate change and pollution, reduce gas emissions, and educate people to keep the changes coming. Apply a balanced policy and control both the waste disposal and the animal protection services, upgrade your attacks against the earth's enemies, and leave a protected environment to the next generations!

Pick a starting region after choosing the difficulty; you will spread the change from there. You get some starting points to speed up things at the beginning, but that amount changes with the difficulty. These points can be used to unlock and upgrade projects. The projects are categorized into four main tabs: earth, water, animals, and social. Earth tab is more about controlling the waste disposal and the harm on the soil. Water is about keeping fishing activities and water pollution under control. The animals category lets you reduce hunting activities and animal cruelty. The social part gives you options to improve your relationships with regions individually, do your propaganda on social media, and start volunteering activities. Check event tabs, avoid catastrophes, and take the necessary cautions before it's too late!

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GameFirst developed ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet.

Release Date

March 16, 2022


More than three different game modes

Five difficulty actions

Endless possible scenarios

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.