Gunblood Remastered

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In Gunblood Remastered, make your way to the Wild West, and show all those so-called gunslingers that you're the best shooter in the town. When you can't settle an issue with words, it's time for guns to speak in this place! Do you have the sharp reflexes to defeat all your opponents and earn a high score in this addictive game?

The town is filled with dangerous characters, but as the fastest shooter, you have nothing to fear. The objective of this game is to beat every opponent in a gun duel by shooting them fast before they get a chance to kill you. You don't need to know how to use a gun to play this game, as your mouse is more than enough to send bullets. Click on the start game button on the main menu to begin the game. Then select a character from 10 different options. When you start a duel, you should place your cursor on the chamber located in the bottom left corner. When the countdown ends, use your mouse to aim at your rival, and click on the screen to fire. The one who dies loses the game, so try your best to be as quick as you can. The levels become increasingly difficult, so keep your eyes on the countdown to act fast. There are some bonus levels to earn extra points too! Have fun and good luck!

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  • 10 different characters to choose from
  • Intuitive controls
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics


You can play this game with your mouse.