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Run your dream application company the way you want it run in Idle Startup Tycoon! Hire the best employees and upgrade them for the better! Add new floors and open new branches with higher earnings! Organize the smallest details, even the office delivery, and make sure everything is running smoothly!

Unlock your first floor by starting a food delivery application. Employ people for office delivery, application development, and sales office. The people working on the floors create the apps and bring money to the delivery, the elevator carries them to the sales office, and the sales office makes that money available for you, so you can use it to upgrade the office. As this is a small company with only a few employees, you have no managers, so you have to make these people work by clicking on them. Click on the app worker, then the elevator, and the sales office in that order. After making some money, you can employ managers to make them work without clicking. As you unlock more floors, you open new branches that earn more and more for you. You can click on the lightning symbols above your managers to increase the work efficiency for a limited time. Work hard and invest in your employees to earn even more.

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MarketJS developed Idle Startup Tycoon.

Release Date

December 7, 2021


Colored 2D graphics

Easy controls

Cute cartoon theme

Addictive and improving gameplay

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.