Money Rush

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Build your cash kingdom in the excessive world of Money Rush! Join a race of coins, multiply their numbers with your math skills, and open the gates of your empire! Invest in businesses, build new restaurants, and collect their income! Complete areas to unlock new maps, improve your stats, and rule the world of money!

Forget all you know about economics! Here, you control a group of rolling coins, pass them through the blue gates, and bring them to a giant coin slot to make more money! Make quick decisions to choose your path, pay taxes, and bring all you can to the machine! The machine multiplies your coins so that you can use them in another world and start businesses! The stores you open have money pools in front of them, and you can walk over these pools to collect the profit. Stand in front of the new store you want to open to pay for it. You can split the expenses and come back later when you have the rest of the money. Upgrade your income and starting coins on the main menu to earn faster. You can also save coins or watch short ads to unlock new skins!

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2Play developed Money Rush.

Release Date

August 8, 2022


Unlockable maps and features

Simple control mechanics

Colorful 3D graphics

Addictive gameplay

Character skins

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to control the coins and your character.