Monster Truck 3D Winter

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Call your friend and explore long tracks full of surprises with Monster Truck 3D Winter. Use platforms to jump, do complete 360's, and pull amazing stunts! Collect the gifts of Santa, rise through 10 levels, and unlock new cool and funny vehicles!

You can either split the screen and experience this fun race with another player, or keep it all to yourself. Speed among glaciers, collect the winter's gifts, and use every chance to do tricks that add to your nitro boost. You can unlock a bigger and more stable truck at level 4, and Santa's Sleigh with reindeers at level 7. Whichever vehicle you choose, the track keeps you in ints borders with invisible lines at both sides, but it can't protect you from falling in gaps. Speeding up, even using nitro for a small boost is the best tactic before flips and jumps between platforms. You earn up to three snowflakes at the end of every level, and they are determined by your total score and finish time. So you can take your time and explore the area without a hurry, and take another chance later to break your personal record!

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Developer developed Monster Truck 3D Winter.

Release Date

March 2, 2022


Colored 3D graphics

1P and 2P options

Unlockable vehicle skins

10 levels of challenge

Available on mobile devices


In 1P mode: use the arrow keys to move, spacebar for brakes, shift for nitro, and "Z, X, C" for stunts.

For 2P mode: Player 1 uses "D, X, C, U" to move, shift for nitro, "A" for tricks; and Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, "O" for nitro, and "P" for tricks.