Jet Boat Racing

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Discover stunning 3D sceneries and beat your competitors on a jet boat with Jet Boat Racing! Try both modes in one and two-player options and share the fun with your friends and family. Enjoy the creative obstacle courses and amazing graphics while having a realistic jet boat sailing experience.

Would you like to wander around a huge course with obstacles and ramps, or does racing feel more like you? You can have both here! Choose between Racing Mode and Free Drive and add another player or just skip to the act! You can see five exclusive boat options in the last step before we begin. You can unlock three of these boats with experience later in the game. Make sure you check the keys quickly as the game starts to learn how to steer your boat. Multiplayer matches split the screen into two, and each player has their own control keys. Avoid hitting the shores and use your nitro to boost your speed and catch your competitors. Finish the laps before your opponents to win matches and unlock new track courses. Choose Free Drive, and you can stop whenever you feel like watching the skies with no hurries!

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RHM Interactive developed Jet Boat Racing.

Release Date

March 25, 2022


Amazing 3D graphics

Realistic jet-boat driving experience

Two game modes

Singleplayer and multiplayer options

Five drivable boats


Player one can use "W, A, S, D" to move, "F" to use nitro, "R" to reset the vehicle, and "C" to change the camera, while player two can use the arrow keys to move, "K" to use nitro, "P" to change the camera and "O" to reset the vehicle.