Ragdoll Duel 2P

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Get ready to duke it out in Ragdoll Duel 2P! Take your beam weapon in your hand and chuck it on your rival. You may not be the best two duelers around together with your rival but you’re trying to figure things out. So, let’s see how good you two will do in this duel!

This is a fun and interesting game with you two characters as stickmen. You can either play with one of your friends from the same computer in the 2-player mode or by yourself against the computer in the 1-player mode. Either way, what you need to do is to try to aim at your rival and shoot him with your beam weapon. It won’t be as easy as it’s said and you’ll see this once you begin the game. You should rapidly tap on the screen to raise your hand up to your rival's level and shoot simultaneously. When your rival’s health points hit zero, you win the round. To win the level, you need to win three rounds. The first side to win three rounds will be the winner of the level. Now, are you ready to put on a show with your rival in this funny duel?

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RHM Interactive developed Ragdoll Duel 2P.

Release Date

December 01, 2021


2D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Intuitive controls

Dueling stickmen!


You can use the mouse to shoot the character’s gun.