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Wormo.io welcomes you to the unforgiving natural habitat of glowing worms! In this world, you eat or get eaten by your own kind! Born as a tiny worm getting taken down by his people as a slightly long snake; choose a name for your mighty warrior and rule this neon land!

Start by customizing your slippery fighter; choose a main and secondary color and a style for it! After giving this jelly fellow a name, you are ready to take your place on the server. You can start eating glowing specks of dust as soon as you enter this dark world but be careful about predators. These small dots add to your length and points. You can see the leaderboard at the top right of your screen; there is your goal. Crawl around and discover your environments. You will face some other players; they are all your enemies. You can only beat them if they crash into you, so try to put them in situations they will have to. Shoot and bend them towards your worm. Too much greed never ends well, so it’s better to know when to part ways. Devour the neon particles your enemies’ bodies drop and grow bigger.

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Jetti Games AB developed Wormo.io.

Release Date

December 7, 2018


Multiplayer worldwide servers

Easy to play

Customizable characters

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.