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Become the architect of your survival in Draw Joust! You are given full control over what is going on in this game. Your vehicle and your weapon are the two most important things in this game, and you can decide for yourself how things will go! Are you ready to rule the fight?

You are dueling all the way in this action game. Against you, stands your nemesis. This stickman always challenges you and just won’t stop dueling with you. So, take control of your whole strategy and make sure you build up a strong one. To show your rival how strong of a fighter you are, you must manage every detail. Build up your vehicle using your 3D ink. Draw it in such a way that it will be the safest area for you, and you will be able to use your weapon fast and well. With each successful level, you will be collecting coins. Feel free to unlock new weapons and armors with these coins besides upgrading your lives and speed! Now, duel all the way, and let’s see if you can win all the duels!

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YAD.Com developed Draw Joust.

Release Date

April 28, 2020


• 3D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels

• Intuitive controls

• Dueling stickmen and free creativity!


You can use the mouse to draw the vehicle of the character. Slide the mouse to move the vehicle.