Heroic Quest

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In Heroic Quest, travel back to the medieval times and go on a journey of a lifetime! You're a brave young knight and like all the other knights you have to prove your valor! A knight is expected to be skilled in combat! Its time to prove yourself worthy! Are you ready to become a legendary knight whose enemies tremble in fear at the sight of you or perish without leaving behind a legacy?

Were in medieval times now and there's danger at every turn. Its your duty, courageous knight, to destroy your enemies and have your name written in the history books! You must go on a perilous journey and defeat your enemies! You can choose between 3 characters: the hunter, the berserker, or the swordsman. In this endless battle, you can kill your enemies with the left mouse button. Move around with the arrow keys and use the space bar to jump. As the game progresses, you begin to face more challenging foes. You can avoid their attacks by jumping. You'll also get some power-ups along the journey and they'll help you cleanse the evil from your land! Don't forget to collect coins and use them to upgrade your hero's abilities. Try to reach the end of the journey and battle the boss! That is the only way to save your people! Get ready brave knight, for a most dangerous journey!

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Release Date

September, 2018.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Different characters to choose
  • Nice graphics
  • Intuitive controls


AD or left/right arrow to move. W or space bar to jump. Left mouse button to attack.