Heroic Survival

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Find yourself in the middle of a fighting arena and survive against many enemies in Heroic Survival. Get whatever weapon you have in your hand and give in everything you got. This fight is a tough one, and you need to survive. Are you ready to fight for your life against many enemies coming at you?

In this game, you will go with your first unlocked character for some rounds, and this way, you will collect some coins. To get a coin, you need to kill your enemies with quick sword movements because they will come at you all at once. Then you will have to go over those coins to get them, too. If you can kill all your enemies and survive the round, you can move to other rounds. With your coins getting more and more, you can unlock new and stronger characters. You can also upgrade your current character's sword movements, energy, and strength with your coins. This will help you better fight against your enemies, attack them faster and spend less time trying to kill them. You can rotate your character with your curser. You need to click left to attack, and you can click right to have a speed boost. The speed boost may drain, though. If so, you will need to wait for the speed indicator to go up again. Now, get ready to kill all your enemies and have stronger characters!

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JulGames developed Heroic Survival.

Release Date

November 22, 2021


  • 2D graphics
  • Multiple levels
  • Intuitive controls
  • Power-ups to buy
  • Challenging and variety of enemies
  • Characters to unlock


You can use the cursor to rotate the character, left click to attack, and right-click to boost your speed.