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Hit Masters Rush challenges you with your best! How long can you keep up with an army of endless enemies while defying gravity running on rooftops? Can you beat that best on another run? This is the cycle you will have here. Think of a peaceful day, no matter what time it is. Birds are chirping, a soft breeze coming through the window. Now think of the guy who has to keep that peace in the city, running on the roofs over those windows. You are that guy, so good luck out there.

Guns? Check. Evil Santa with a metal shield? Check. Tanks on rooftops? Check. We are ready for the run! Dodge the bullets and missiles coming from enemies to keep your health as high as possible. You die if it drops to zero. You also die if you fall down, so timing your jumps carefully would be a good idea. Keeping your focus on everything at once gets extremely hard in a few seconds into the game because everything happens so fast here. Shoot down the villains and loot all that they drop to unlock new characters to play as.

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TapTapking.com developed Hit Masters Rush.

Release Date

January 21, 2022


Unique and funny character designs

Addictive gameplay

8 skins to unlock

Available on mobile devices


Use mouse left button to shoot, “W” to jump, “S” to slide, and spacebar to slow down the time.