Impostor Warline 456 Survivors

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It's time to witness the Squid Challenge from the opposite side with Impostor Warline 456 Survivors! The players are not so innocent this time; they are all impostors with guns trying to attack you! But no worries; you can improve your stats if you can survive their attack waves!

Get ready for impressively various enemy types you will soon be facing! There will be kamikaze impostors, low and high range shooters, and some bone-throwing enemies beyond the line. But you have the power and ambition to beat them all! This tower defense gem merges two world-famous survival games and creates a highly detailed strategical warzone. You can move up and down while shooting at your enemies non-stop, but your attacks will get noticeably slower after the reload bar you see on the top drops to zero. The best strategy here is to hide behind the rocks and give your man a few seconds to reload before starting to shoot again. Defeated enemies earn you gold at every wave, and with that gold, you can upgrade your attack and defense stats like total health, ammo, damage, and special abilities between games. Get stronger with every wave of attacks, and get your character ready for what is next!

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Developer developed Impostor Warline 456 Survivors.

Release Date

March 4, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Easy controls

Developing strategy skills

Improvable attack and defense abilities

Available on mobile devices


You can use the up/down arrow keys or "W, S" to move and the left click to shoot.