Metal Black Wars

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Dive into a deadly world of explosions and guns and try all the risky moves you see in action movies with Metal Black Wars! Hold onto your gun and rush into the enemy’s base with nothing but your gear! Jump and duck to dodge enemy attacks and move toward the boss fights like the invincible warrior you are!

We heard your cries for more old-school action, and we offer you everything an action game can offer! Endless choices of guns, rifles, melees, bombs, and a wide selection of enemy units! What starts with a helicopter entrance shall end with only one survivor, and that survivor will be you! Follow the game guide to meet your one royal friend: your rifle. Learn the ways to buy and upgrade gear, and equip the best items to increase your chances of survival. Start the first level and face the enemy for the first time. There is an army waiting to destroy you once you step into their boundaries. Do not leave a single enemy alive while passing through their land. Face the toughest level bosses after each chapter and show them your worth! Get paid for your hard work and buy new guns with higher damage rates to increase your stats!

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Hihoy developed Metal Black Wars.

Release Date

July 22, 2022


Good 2D graphics

Rich explosion effects

Weapon and gear options


Unlockable items

Difficult boss fights


“W, A, S, D” to move, spacebar to jump, “J” to shoot, “K” to throw a grenade, “L” to heal, “R” to reload.