Neon Tank Arena

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Neon Tank Arena invites you to a thrilling battle of neon tanks that will make you sit in front of the screen with the feeling of ambition for victory! You can either grab one of your friends to show off your shooting skills or prefer to set fire against the CPU to ensure your winning. Take control of your mouse, focus, and start this merciless battle in no time!

With the necessity of our age and in the light of the latest technology, the wars are now more challenging than ever! Instead of armies and human power, neon tanks took their place to destroy the enemy forces. In this fun action game, you control the neon tank, and your ultimate objective is to score 10 by shooting the enemy tank to win this battle. This may not be that easy, tho! There are lots of power-ups and different kinds of weapons to be used against you. To avoid such obstacles, you should focus carefully on your moving tank. Tanks move upwards to downwards during the game, and you need to achieve your target using your amazing eye-coordination skills. Press on the "W" key to fire, and don't forget to check your power loading to shoot again from the top of the screen. No matter who your enemy is, do your best and break the leg!

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RHM Interactive developed this game.

Release Date

February 5, 2019


  • 2D neon graphics
  • Single player and two-player options
  • Targeting skills improving
  • Fun and entertaining shooting game


You can press the "W" key to shoot.