Operation Desert Road

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Operation Desert Road grants you the chance to ride and control a tank in a war zone! You are in the enemy line without any support or manpower, and all you have is the tank you are in. There is no guarantee that you will make it to tomorrow or even tonight. What do you do? Avoid fire and landmines and wish for the best, of course!

You are in a vast desert with no end. There is not one person you can trust and no one you can call for help. You must be the hero you need. Control your tank, shoot enemy tanks and soldiers, and avoid the landmines on your way. You can also shoot buildings and force enemies out. You start with many lives represented by hearts each level, and getting shot or hitting buildings and signboards costs you one. You have to shoot all you can to weaken enemy forces and earn gold to unlock new vehicles, tanks, and even a deer to play as. Try new vehicles to find your own unique style in combat. Watch short ads to unlock new skins faster, or keep fighting to earn it the hard way. Pick up the special attacks on your way to hit even harder!

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Xform developed Operation Desert Road.

Release Date

November 4, 2021


Colorful 3D graphics

Easy controls

Addictive and fun gameplay

Lots of vehicle options to unlock

Available on mobile devices


Use your arrow keys to move and mouse or spacebar to shoot.