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Dive into a world from the future with Pinball Clash! A tournament from future days is here to challenge you. Take your place and be ready to have an intense match against your rival. Protect the ball and don’t let it slip away off your hands. Use whatever you can to keep it in the match arena and not to give away a goal. Are you ready for this great match?

You are probably already familiar with pinball. Now it is more fun and advanced. You will have 12 tables in 3 different colors. You will also see new features to challenge yourself as you get more advanced in the levels. The classics are here; spinners, ramps, slingshots, and bumpers to boost and direct the ball. But they are all new, and you will see them with different shapes and colors with each new match. The best part of this game is how you can adjust the gravity pull. You will see that with less gravity pull, it will be harder to catch the faster-moving ball. You can also choose to play against the AI or a friend next to you by switching the AI on or off. There will be many rounds of matches, and the side to score 5 rounds in total will win the tournament. You can check how you're doing overall from the global leaderboard and be safe with the autosave option. Now, take your place and enjoy the excitement of this fun game and its radiant graphics!

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All Correct Group Limited developed Pinball Clash.

Release Date

September 20, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Intuitive skills
  • Challenging game experience
  • Addictive matches
  • Variety of tables and game options


You can use the A&Z keys for player 1 and K&M keys for player 2. For mobile devices, you can use your touch screen.