Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

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Become the champion with the help of music in Super Friday Night Squid Challenge! You had to enter a very risky program because you needed money. Now, you must win the challenges in this program to get the money and save your life! Can you keep up with the most important game of your life?

As brutal as the rest of the games in this challenge are, this game presents you with a very different kind of round in this challenge. Now, for this round of the challenge, you need to play the songs in the best way, not to get shot. When the music is playing in the background, you need to press the arrow keys in the same order that the colorful arrows are floating to the top of the screen. When the arrows hit the places that are drawn for them, press that arrow simultaneously. This way, you won’t mess up the song! If you can complete playing the song before you are out of life, you will have the chance to pass to the following level. Now, let’s see how successful your inner musician is and if you can be the champion to save your life!

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Developer developed Super Friday Night Squid Challenge.

Release Date

November 04, 2021


2D colorful graphics

Challenging gameplay

Intuitive controls

12 catchy songs

The excitement of squid challenges


You can use the arrow keys to match the floating arrows with the spots.