Tank Zombies 3D

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Defend the last bases of humanity from the infected monsters with Tank Zombies 3D! Use the ultimate technological advantages of the human race against the hungry undead and bring peace back to this world once more!

Drive a tank in the last battle of the apocalypse, shoot down the zombies, and complete missions! Drive a tank in the final war before the extinction and upgrade your machine to keep up with the increasing pace of attack waves! Complete quests and pass levels to earn gold, and level up your guns, damage resistance, special attacks, and army. Build your own tactics against the brain-eaters and keep your health bar full while showering the enemy with bullets. Keep your distance from the zombie horde and run around in circles while they keep chasing you. The tank automatically shoots every enemy in its range, so all you have to do is to stay at a safe distance as the zombies die. Pick up the attack and speed boosters from the ground and stay alive until you reach the level goal. You can see the money you make per second at the top. Save soldiers, pass levels, and unlock new tanks to ride the ultimate death machine!

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Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. Developed Tank Zombies 3D.

Release Date

August 2, 2022


Weapon and vehicle upgrades

Unlockable tanks

Nice graphics

Unique level quests

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to control the tank.