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In Tanki Online, you better prepare yourself because we're going to war! Jump into your tank and head into the battlefield to show your opponents that you're the most powerful one. With its online multiplayer gameplay, action and danger never stop in this game. Are you ready to stop your enemies and become the king of the war zone?

The ground trembles as the tanks enter the battlefield. Before jumping into the heat of the war, visit the garage to check how you can improve your trusted tank. Different options including various hulls, turrets, drones, supplies, and many more are waiting for you. You can buy and apply these parts to your tank by using the in-game currency, crystals. You earn crystals as you complete and win matches. After you're done in the garage, head to the battle section, and choose a match. Each match has its own objective for you to complete to win. Crates will spawn randomly. These can aid you and your teammates when collected. Good luck, soldier!

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Tanki Online was created by AlternativaPlatform.

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  • 3D maps and realistic graphics
  • Fully customizable tank
  • Ranking system
  • Multiple game modes
  • Online multiplyar gameplay


Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Use ZX keys to move the turret. Use C key to center the turret. Use SPACE BAR to fire. use Delete to suicide.