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All-Star Blast puts you in an arena with ninety-nine other players from all around the world and gives you a limited time to kill each other until there is one survivor left. The only allowed weapon is bombs, and everyone starts with one. So what makes them special, how can you use this situation to defeat everyone, and how to upgrade them? Let's find out!

The arena is checkered with invincible columns with boxes randomly placed between them. You will blow up these boxes to get power-ups and move to other areas. You start with only one bomb with a one-tile range, so put it right next to whatever you want to explode. Be careful not to get stuck near bombs, as that would kill you. Collect boosts with bomb symbols to increase the number of your explosives, fire symbols to widen the range, and shoes to add to your moving speed. More might seem better, but it gets harder to avoid your own bombs as the range increases. After a while, the arena starts shrinking, destroying everything left outside its boundaries. When that happens, move towards the center and do whatever it takes to survive. You can earn gold from these deathmatches and use it to unlock new characters and increase your starting equipment!

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Ubisoft developed All-Star Blast.

Release Date

February 14, 2022


Famous Ubisoft characters

Easy controls

Played worldwide

Various game mode options


You can use "W, A, S, D" to move and your mouse to plant the bombs.