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Grindcraft is an infinite world with never-ending random events happening everywhere you look! Rule the materials of both the earth and mines, upgrade your tools to get more precious metals, and seize the opportunities of the outside worlds without the tiring running part! You don't have to get lost searching around anymore; we have everything you need on this table!

You can see the four main kinds of resources on the top left of the game; woods, mines, food, and animals. There are the materials you are working on and the tools you use. You start with nothing but your hands and collect woods and dirt by clicking. Make sticks from woods, craft a wooden axe, cut trees and collect more wood to craft even more tools! You have to click on the materials to farm until you create farmers with tools. The farmers take the work from there, and you can upgrade their instruments later on. For example, mine stones, craft a stone pickaxe, then mine iron with it to craft an iron one. The progression system in this game requires you to create an item with common materials and jump to an uncommon, and then a rare one. Plan carefully and build a port in the shortest time possible!

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Agame developed Grindcraft.

Release Date

April 24, 2017


Easy to play

Detailed crafting system

Hundreds of unique items


You can use your mouse to play this game.